Driver Experience

Have you ever wanted to drive a BR locomotive, or know someone who would? Our ‘Drive a Loco’ package will fulfill that ambition. And new for 2016 is a range of half-day options as well as our established full-day drives. Click here for more information.

Forthcoming Events

SPRING DIESEL GALA - 10th/11th March 2018 ..... Featuring 33063 with the following locos from the home fleet- Drewry 2591 'Southerham', Class 10 D3489 'Colonel Tomline'
, Class 33/2 33201, Class 73 73140, Class 207 DEMU 1317, Class 421 3CIG 1497. 'Click' in the box for full details! [All of the above locomotives/units are subject to availability]


What about becoming a member of the S.E.L.G.? Perhaps become an active member in the overhaul of 33065 or get your hands dirty performing maintenance of 33063. We have 3 membership options, including an entry 'supporter' level. For more information on our membership, click in this box..



33 063 “RJ Mitchell” has completed assisting on Santa duties, performing faultlessly throughout.



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Our webpages aim to inform readers of our operations, developments and news on aspects of the South East Locomotive Group, as well as other areas of Crompton interest.
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For the uninitiated, the pages of this site (subect to updating) chart most of the Group’s history  including:-
  • Transporting the two ‘Cromptons’ to the East Kent Railway & their subsequent return to working order
  • Our Cromptons at the Spa Valley Rly. (from 2003)
  • 33063 named “R.J.Mitchell”, Sept. 2005
  • The overhaul of 33065 (commenced 2011)
  • Driver Experience days (also called Drive-a-loco)
  • News and updates on other Crompton activity in the U.K.
  • Articles on Crompton-related subjects; railtours and Class 33′s in bygone years, for example

LATEST NEWS : 3rd January 2018


Our last newsletter of 2017 was dispatched to SELG members just before Christmas. In summary….

After returning from the GCR in 3/17, the loco has been in regular use through the year, culminating in top’n tailing the Santa Specials in December. Some 3000 miles of running has been accumulated during 2017.

A governor oil seal has been changed during the year , curing a niggling leak.

New internal bodyside filters are helping reduce the ingress of steam loco dirt and urban dust. What does get past is brushed up.

The anti-freeze has been checked and is good down to -25C.

Minor bodywork repairs have been undertaken, maintaining the general appearance of the loco.


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    • Cab and bodyside metal replacement work has continued periodically in 2017. While cab 2 welding is complete (Eridge end), the Tunbridge Wells end (cab 1) has required much more welding to the cab frames than cab 2. The loco sides have been rubbed down and primed.